George Joseph Farrah
Artist's Statement

I work in series which happen over a long stretch of time. This series bounded by some loose organic rules: thick and thin paint, gestural line, or implied gesture. My paintings act as a field of narrative possibilities that the viewer completes. Painting for me is about being blind, then seeing, and being blind again. One never knows what will happen, starting out with even the most focused of ideas. I like the not-knowing and the danger of failure. There is a complexity of seeing, relating, and knowing that exists in the doing and is gone with the painting is done. I love paint and other materials -- their various textures, vast possibilities, unpredictability. I like to not know what is going to happen next in a painting, or in a series. I believe that whatever you begin with, whatever your conscious intentions, your unconscious will attach and reveal itself in your work. I like the possibility that as a part of this process, I might bring about something that is lasting, worth looking at for a long time, something that brings forth a world much larger than mine alone. Abstract art has always been a very material language used in negotiating, exploring and underscoring the world. My work references landscape, technology, and the figure. I am interested in what technology has promised and what it has actually delivered. I am also interested in exploring the transcendental tradition of finding God, spirituality, within nature and human beings.