"Green City"  

green city #42

green city #41

green city #4

green city # 40

green city #3

green city #19

green city #37

green city #20

green city #24

green city #23

green city #14

green city #13

green city # 6

green city #33

Eight of 56 "Green City"   Series (On going)

       (photo by Ted Hall)

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"Green City"

There are currently 56 Green City Paintings.   
They are all oil on canvas (except for one on a birch wood panel).
All are 24”X 24” unless otherwise indicated. (Two are 12”X24”, and one, 36”X36”.)
“Green City” paintings are lushly painted in oil, monochromatic greens with subtle yellows
and sometimes reds and blues in them. They are abstract landscape paintings which can hang
in vertical and horizontal rows of one, two, or even three. They begin to read as screens this way,
or modules. These paintings refer to the ideas and feelings we have about our historic, human,
idealized city. This may be “the Divine City, or City of the Gods,” or the perfect environmental city,
or the cityof the social ideal. Some of the deepest resonances of this work for me are how beautiful
and/or vulnerable that ideal city might be, as well as the distance between that ideal city and what we
live with today. I also consider the interesting way that some of the surest hells have at first been
expressions of the greatest idealism. I work in various series which engage me for years. Some of my
other work is intensely colored and or textured and roughly of the New York school. I also work in sawdust
and on headstone crates and on birch wood panel.