Sawdust & Mixed Media
on birchwood panel

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"Fly By"#1 (48"X24") 


"FlyBy"#2  (48"X24")


"FlyBy"#4  (48"X24")

"Fly By"#3  (48"X24")

"Fly By"#19 (72"X24")

"FlyBy"#27  (72"X24")

"FlyBy"#24  (72"X24")


"FlyBy"#18  (72"X24")


"FlyBy"#15  (72"X24")


"FlyBy"#10  (72"X24")

"Fly By"#13 (72"X24")

"FlyBy"#23  (72"X24")  

"FlyBy"#26  (72"X24")

"FlyBy"#30 (48"X24")


"FlyBy"#27 (72"X24")

"FlyBY"#28 (72"X24")

FlyBy#29 (72"X24")

FlyBy#33 (72"X24")

Sundust, earth elements , effect of wood, residue, waste recycling. Wood shaved on wood. Desert, atmospheric, structure, block, bleak, bombing view, white going through, black like oil or night or death coming through. White is an effect. Sawdust over black or white so a veil, veil of sand, block, sudden glimpse, missile view.
Formal concerns appear. Internal monochromatic shifts, the subtly of nature. This work also deals with issues concerning the critical state of the environment and waste recycling. A vision of a landscape brutalized yet still
beautiful, enduring but vulnerable.
I feel oppressed with the lack of imagery about the Iraqi war. What little I have seen haunts me. These paintings deal with that lack and also that obsession.
These new paintings seem to be in the minimalist tradition but to me they feel like maximal painting- Art Povera, Dada aesthetic.


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"FlyBy"#22 (72"X24")