Poetry Publications

Book, Forthcoming: "The Low Pouring Stars"   Ravenna Press   (Fall 2013)

Countter Example   Spring 2013

Truck   Spring 2013

Altered Scale  
 Spring 2013

Los Magazine     Spring 2011- Summer2013

Expeiential/Experimental Literature 
Spring 2011

Gone Lawn 
Spring 2011

Anemone Sidecar  
Spring 2011

Blue and Yellow Dog Press 
Winter 2010

HOT OFF The    Summer 2010

BHOUse  Vol 6.2  Fall 2009

BlazeVOX (electronic journal) Fall 2008
from "The Low Pouring Stars"

Elimae,  (electronic journal) Summer 2006
"Left to our voices" from "Mean Bald Men Underneath
The Next To The Last Bridge"

AMPERSAND,  (electronic journal) Dec 2005
“allowing for mediation”

Xstream,  (electronic journal) Sep “04"
“ an abide”
“ polities”
“ admitting this”

Cauldron & Net Vol II  (electronic journal)
"Horizon trampoline"
"It piles up in your cuffs"
"Fog moguls commanding traffic "
"That the level reflects the night somewhat"
"The chess goes on forever"
"Who makes those decisions"

CROWD,  Spring "02"
“Driving the pike asleep”

Moria,  (electronic journal) Summer '02
"Finger stiff clinching"

TIGHT,  Winter "02"

RIBOT,  Fall 1999
“This is a leaf of dirt”
“Aqua posters” 
“Black Dogs Swim Here”
“Meanwhile in the latticing”

Spring 1999
"He looks under for that"
"They all hope to do good"

“Black Dogs Swim Here”
“This is as all shadows sticky” 

Disturbed Guillotine,
Spring 1995
From"Ignore The Wires"

Fall 1995
From "Insomniac Plum"

, Winter 1994
"A Film Rhapsody in Copper in the Eyes"
"It was easy to find the veil of rock"
"We put archway hands up"
"Is Asparagus In Season When Bullets
Are Going By Asks Willy Nilly Asparagus Helper

Laughing Horse, April 1993
"Within a grove of hard pears"
"As the wind dulled to the frozen face"
"Kinds of knowing erased in the butane capsule rhythms.."
"Crawl space tooling idiom for spatial hunger"
"The unknown crowd gathers"
"Why unravel the sink" French Letters, Jan. 1993

The Washington Review, 1992
From "Ignore The Wires"

Open 24 Hours,  1992
From "The Sodium Clocks"
"i want it was you."

Aileron Press,  Fall 1992
"In fold of eye."
"The teeth in better shape could bite shadows"
"Driving the pike asleep"
"Old train freezes falling" Fish Drum, Fall 1992

Tight,  Fall 1992
"Fear as a barrier when you open the door"
"The day a lossenger of heat."
"When I hang the luggage being invisible again"
"Newspiece style correctable head structure toemark for climb" Spout,-Winter 1992
"Trees squared by window"
"Renew Driver License"
"What is it to leave them can you suck dry the swamp?"

Textures,  Winter 1991
"The teeth in better shape could bite shadows"

The Suburban Poetry Motel
,  Spring 199
"The two iron horseheads eating the elbow of driftwood off the"

,  Spring 1990
"Big dust moon old black street"
"Sacrifice she arches body soul from country"
"Deep the cave haunt irritant claw"

The Chariot,  Fall 1988
"She walks with an invisible limp"

The Suburban Poetry Motel,  Winter 1987
"Love grows all around the evil stone"

East Wind Press
,  Spring 1985
"Silhouettes Of Fire," book of poetry;

The California Poetry Quarterly
,  Fall 1984
Review of Silhouettes of Fire, The Midwest Literary Review,
"Unnatural callouses,"

The Peoples CoOp News
,  Spring 1979
"Public pubic eyeball,"

House of Light News,  Winter 1974
"Clouds bend and break",

The Minnesota Poets Anthology,  Spring 1971
"I Am The Pasha of Turn Bow"