Reason mesa and the opposite
     a people’s calendar of their own beauty
 she is a whispered clearing

         Although rain water
        is a face
      and you gather under trees


our belief in spoons and time
     the bride of desire’s lonely lesson
 the sacred lake again
         spars  goat bones
        old rivets

like the spread of her skin

         flat stones
       on the cold night beach


and then she put on mud frogs
   to win him over
the lover mother or sister

the collective myths of the night

         husband and wife
        injured by violence
       and   the forest

soul syllable o willow
   vision     speaks   an order

         powders of leaves
                            flaps fruit
             the  traffic  below


a numbered beauty?
        glorious  unfaithfulness
  of words

         in private complex



 he sees for a moment the sleepless thought

                                  lodged in the sea


               and then breathes deep.