Ocean Path                                                  


You with the paintings

the roots of your teeth required of you

the museums of parks stars and night lights

mirrors of the sky  open readings

of your face    in love

   changing the material of your arms

   torso  legs  your whole body

here and there the earth is breaking

everywhere is green or brown

      rivers are full of moons

      cats full of hills

an afternoon is a bird

of shaky blue green


deep in a glass of beer


hurry be done with it

squeeze what’s left into

the days

the path of thorough branches

armor for

oceans hiding

inside a tea bag

an empty great

beautiful tree


two suns tilt faces

crystal tempests of knowing

taking up a residence

as the night crashes on down

and water runs clear

in a wonderful empty place

down the street                      



  (For Dad, passed 3-30-2008)


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